A formerly closed General Motors plant where workers once built transmissions for the Chevrolet Malibu has a new life – this time as a surgical mask production facility.  The plant, which closed last August, began making Level 1 surgical masks on Monday as demand for face masks climbs across the nation. GM said machines needed to make the masks were delivered to the Warren, Michigan, plant last week. Workers will ratchet up production over the next two weeks so the facility can manufacture 50,000 masks a day. “Daily mask production will be influenced by the availability of materials to build the masks,” GM said in a statement, adding that the plant can potentially make up to 100,000 masks a day. “GM will be collaborating with governments and local suppliers to distribute the masks.” Why should you wear a mask in public? Dr. Agus explains The masks from Warren Transmission are in addition to the 20,000 masks GM said it delivered last week to health care and other workers most at risk of infection.  Demand for face masks, particularly N95 respirators, have soared in recent weeks as Americans look to limit their exposure to the coronavirus. The nation’s largest surgical mask manufacturer, Prestige Ameritech, said

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