Millions of Americans are already losing their jobs as the coronavirus spreads across the U.S. and wreaks havoc on the economy. But the pandemic is also driving a surge in hiring at businesses seeing an upsurge in demand for their products and services because of the outbreak.  At least 700,000 jobs are open at the moment, according to a tally of big businesses such as Walmart and Amazon that have announced plans to hire. There are also plenty of “gig” economy jobs that are available for delivery workers, tutors, personal assistants and more. To be sure, the new jobs won’t come close to replacing all the work now being lost, especially in hard-hit sectors like travel, hotels and retail. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard predicts that unemployment could reach 30% over the next few months — that would exceed the highest jobless rate during the Great Depression, when unemployment hit nearly 25%. Millions of workers are now scrambling to find new jobs, or at least add some paid work that can cover their bills. Their best bet may be in sectors like retail and health care, where demand is surging as Americans cope with stay-at-home orders”It’s a tough moment —

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