As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic keeps businesses closed and social distancing measures in place, Americans are turning to the hobbies they love to help deal with the self-isolation. Dr. Lisa Damour, a psychologist, said hobbies can be a “positive form of coping” that can help bolster self-esteem and help pass the time. “There’s a lot of benefits to hobbies, especially in times like this,” Damour said. “It’s meaningful work, and meaningful work is something that we know helps people through high stress.”Cheryl Traylor is using her time at home to embrace her passion for art. Traylor, 62, worked as a sales adviser for H&M for five years before she was furloughed. After getting the news, she immediately started preparing to make the best of the abrupt change to her daily life in New York City. “Everything has stopped. Now is the time to go back to what is important to you,” she told CBS News. “For me, that’s my art.”Before becoming a mom in the 1980s, Traylor got her associate degree at Parsons School of Design, and worked as a fashion illustrator for JCPenny.Since being furloughed, Traylor has started sketching again, and said she has been inspired by stories of how

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