The chairman of the House Rules Committee has concluded that voting remotely is not a viable option, after dozens of lawmakers urged Congress to consider it out of concern about the spread of the coronavirus. Chairman Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts, has another idea. In a new report released Monday night, McGovern said that while there is “no perfect solution” for absent members to vote on the floor, proxy voting — as opposed to remote voting — is “the best of the options available under the circumstances.” Proxy voting would allow members to cast votes without traveling back to Washington, D.C., which would help limit the spread of COVID-19.”[U]nlike remote voting, proxy voting has a basis in parliamentary tradition and is not accompanied by the same security and technology concerns,” McGovern said in the report.  McGovern pointed to state legislatures in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania as examples showing the efficacy of proxy voting during the coronavirus pandemic. In allowing a proxy vote, members would allow colleagues to vote on their behalf for a prescribed period of time if they’re unable to return to the Capitol. In this case, those members would include the dozens of members who are either in self-quarantine or ill. “Proxy

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