The Justice Department announced its first enforcement action against alleged coronavirus fraud. It obtained a temporary restraining order Sunday against, a website that claimed to offer consumers access to coronavirus vaccine kits.There are currently no vaccines to treat this disease. CBS News consumer investigative correspondent Anna Werner said the website claimed to offer vaccine kits from the World Health Organization, for a $4.95 shipping charge. “They said if you added water, it would work,” Werner said. “Of course we know that there are no vaccine kits available.”If you do happen to see one of these things, you can contact your state attorney general’s office. But no, these are not vaccine kits.” Co-host Gayle King asked, “Are there any approved at-home testing kits anywhere that are legit?””No, there aren’t,” Werner replied. “It’s important to make clear to people there are no at-home testing kits. The FDA has not authorized any home testing kits at all for use. If you see something that says, ‘Hey, you can test yourself at home,’ it’s not a real deal here.” Werner noted some recent coronavirus-related scam products. “Customs and Border Protection has been tweeting photos of items that it has seized,” said Werner. “One of

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