The $2 trillion economic rescue package officially known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security, or CARES, Act includes help for small businesses that have been hit by the coronavirus pandemic.  Signed into law by President Trump on Friday, the package authorizes the Small Business Administration to offer 100% guarantees for up to $349 billion in loans for small businesses that need to cover payroll, rent and other bills. Called the Paycheck Protection Program, the provision is geared toward saving jobs and keeping the nation’s roughly 31 million small businesses afloat.The Small Business Administration’s “streamlined” verification process starts here, and involves a five-page process for which lots of patience is advised. Applicants will also need their payroll, rental and/or mortgage and utility costs on hand.  The program’s goal is to deliver cash into the hands of small businesses with fewer bureaucratic hurdles than in the SBA’s existing loan programs. The coronavirus stimulus package also provides loan forgiveness to businesses that retain workers. Here’s how the coronavirus stimulus affects you “The aid starts as loans, but if the money is used to preserve jobs and maintain wages of employees over the crisis, then the loans can be forgiven — potentially keeping tens of

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