With the world in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, American workplaces are reeling. While some are adjusting to the reality of working from home, people with salaried jobs and the ability to work remotely are the lucky ones. For countless Americans, the fallout from coronavirus means no paycheck for the foreseeable future.  “I am basically entirely ‘gig-based,'” says Carver Duncan, an actor and fitness instructor in New York City. “As a performer, I am constantly going from gig to gig.  As a fitness instructor, I am paid per class. And to supplement my income further, I work for a catering and events company. As of today, all my work has been cancelled. The performance gig I booked for April has been cancelled. All events in the foreseeable future have been cancelled. And my gym has shut down, meaning that I have no classes to teach. So I have lost all income.”For Amanda Savan, who gives tours of the Broadway theater district for a living, there is no safety net now that the theaters have gone dark. “Most of our clients are tourists here to see Broadway shows,” she tells CBS News “If the shows close, they don’t come and we

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