Grocery store employees have found themselves on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, deemed as essential as health care workers and police officers. Unlike their peers, however, retail workers often aren’t provided with the personal protective equipment that can save their lives. At least 30 grocery workers nationwide have died of COVID-19, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. That includes in Leilani Jordan, a 27-year-old clerk at a Giant in Maryland, and Wando Evans, a 51-year-old Walmart worker. About 30,000 more supermarket employees are sick with the respiratory disease around the U.S., the union estimates. The UFCW is asking the Trump administration to make wearing a mask and gloves mandatory for shoppers as well as for retail workers, president Marc Perrone told reporters on Monday. So far, no states have mandated protective equipment for these workers, he added. Given their potential exposure to coronavirus, grocery store workers are asking shoppers to help them stay safe by following a few guidelines.  Keep your distance inside the store”Social distancing” guidelines recommend you maintain at least six feet between you and other people to cut down on the risk of infection, which also applies inside a building. Some stores. along with

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