A sign outside a New Jersey bridal shop states that brides are only allowed in the store one at a time, with a two-guest maximum. As Americans adjust to a new way of life amid the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds of couples facing venue and service closures are canceling or postponing their weddings over fears of spreading the disease.The wedding industry, like many others, has been disrupted by the pandemic. A Facebook group called “Wedding Disaster Support: COVID-19” has over 2,400 members and counting. CBS News’ Meg Oliver spoke to a couple just minutes before they said their vows at a Virginia courthouse on Monday, a far cry from their planned 300-acre wedding venue in Maryland. “We are definitely excited to get married, that’s really the point of this,” bride Lauren Green said. “We want to be together, we’re excited for that. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate with everybody else later.”Another bride-to-be, Collette Richoux, said she “completely broke down” when faced with having to change the event. She and her fiancé, Chris Morton, had been planning their New York wedding for over a year.”Vendors book up to two years in advance somethings. Now that everyone is trying to reschedule,

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