Last Updated Apr 9, 2020 7:05 PM EDT Los Angeles — A surgeon from San Diego is worried about his parents who are half-way across the country in Missouri. Both parents were diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus.California physician Greg Mundis feels paralyzed. His father has been on a ventilator for three weeks at a hospital. Greg Mundis’ parents seen in an undated photo. Mundis Family Handout “You know I have had a lot of crying spells,” he told CBS News. “Certainly the longer you’re on a ventilator, the worse it is.”The cruel irony is that both of Greg’s parents, in their late 60s, got infected with coronavirus. His father was the picture of health.Sandra, his mother, had underlying conditions and was treated right away with experimental drugs.”Horrible, horrible. We’ve been married almost 49 years,” Sandra said. “This is the longest we have ever gone without talking to each other.””My dad’s on the ventilator and my mom, who has diabetes and chronic lung disease, is not. It doesn’t make sense. Right?” Greg asked. “I think the early management, especially on my mom … Probably saved her life.”Greg’s father could not get tested right away because of a shortage

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