At the Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City, doctors treating coronavirus patients say it’s not just older people who are in critical condition and nurses say they still don’t have proper protective gear. As of April 2, 27 COVID-19 patients have died at the hospital.”A lot of our patients are presenting with severe respiratory distress, and it’s very acute. They were fine and they had some cough and then they weren’t fine,” Dr. Joshua Rosenberg, a critical care doctor who also specializes in infectious diseases, told CBS News correspondent David Begnaud, who was invited into the hospital.One man in his early 50s “really didn’t have much underlying conditions,” but “has developed severe respiratory failure, as well as kidney damage from the virus,” Rosenberg said. He said the man “is relatively young.”Rosenberg said the man, who was in the ICU, was put on a breathing tube to save his life. “He’s requiring pretty much 100% oxygen, and he’s requiring a lot of air to help keep his lungs inflated,” he said.The majority of the hospital’s patients are on Medicaid or Medicare. There were 10 other patients in the ICU — most of them black men, all on ventilators, unconscious and

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