As coronavirus continues to spread in the U.S., many people have turned to grocery delivery services like Instacart to bring them their basic needs. But Instacart workers plan to conduct a nationwide strike Monday over what they consider a lack of protection and adequate compensation for their risky trips to grocery stores — even though they are “risking our lives.” In a letter posted on Medium on Friday, Instacart workers, which the company calls shoppers, and activist organization Gig Workers Collective said that Instacart “has a well established history of exploiting its Shoppers” and that the mistreatment has “stooped to an all-time low.” “Shoppers have had enough. Instacart has refused to act proactively in the interests of its Shoppers, customers, and public health, so we are forced to take matters into our own hands,” the letter says. “We will not continue to work under these conditions. We will not risk our safety, our health, or our lives for a company that fails to adequately protect us, fails to adequately pay us, and fails to provide us with accessible benefits should we become sick.”  In a statement emailed to CBS News, Instacart said their first priority is “the health and safety of our

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