The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life for billions of people, forcing the world to deal with a sudden loss of jobs, security, and regular health care. But for those who identify as transgender, these barriers have existed for years, and advocates fear the pandemic may only make them worse.  One transgender woman, who will be referred to as Jane out of fear for her safety, left her home in a right-leaning town along Florida’s Gulf Coast for a homeless shelter in New York City so she can get better access to medical care. She’s waited years to get gender affirming surgeries, and finally had two of the necessary procedures scheduled for the coming months. But since coronavirus started ravaging through the country, the governors of many states, including New York, have ordered hospitals to cancel or postpone elective procedures. Now, Jane’s facial feminization surgery and orchiectomy (surgery to remove testicles) have been canceled until further notice.  “Everything I was doing and progressing has been taken,” Jane told CBS News. “…None of us know when this is going to be over. So we’re all just sitting around. It’s been torture.” Many #transgender people are hurting because their vital gender affirmation surgeries were postponed during

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