Retail giants furlough workers amid pandemic The coronavirus relief package just signed into law includes many things, such as enhanced unemployment benefits, one-time checks to households and hundreds of billions for large and small businesses. But it doesn’t mention the biggest expense for most Americans: Rent. With stimulus checks at least three weeks away and April basically here, many renters are wondering if they can skip a month. “I’m getting inundated with calls and emails about this,” said Sam Himmelstein, a prominent tenants’ attorney based in New York City. His advice (and that of other finance professionals): Try to work out your payments, but don’t expect to be able to skip rent altogether, unless your landlord is extremely generous. Depending on where you live, you may also have a grace period of several months to pay rent, and you may be entitled to special protection if you can show that the pandemic affected your finances. Ask for a reduction or extensionA few landlords have reduced rent or waived it outright, recognizing the massive upheaval in the economy. Young Investment Company in Jonesboro, Arkansas, freed its restaurant tenants from paying April rent, asking them to instead use the money to pay their staff. New

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