Tokyo — Health care workers the world over are coping with inadequate gear, punishing schedules and a disease without a cure. In Japan, nurses and doctors shoulder an additional burden — abuse, hysteria and harassment from their fellow citizens. “Why are you nurses walking around outside? It’s absurd.” The nurse found herself accosted by an agitated man as she returned to her car. “It’s your fault the virus is spreading!””You work at the hospital, right?” a group of mothers interrogated another nurse in a Tokyo park. “We’d appreciate it if you stayed away.” Shocked, the nurse immediately went back home with her kids, she told the TBS network. “It’s as if they equate nurses with coronavirus.” A staff member with Kita-Harima Medical Center was unable to move because the moving company refused to pick up his furniture. In Tokyo’s Taito Ward, a nurse employed at Eiju General Hospital was asked to stop bringing her preschooler to daycare.  Japan expanding state of emergency as number of coronavirus cases soar Multiple cases of healthcare workers’ children being kicked out of public daycare centers — forcing some nurses to stay home or even to leave the profession — compelled the government to issue a

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