Americans adjust to life amid coronavirus pandemic The mayor of Los Angeles on Tuesday threatened to cut the water supply and power for any non-essential business that doesn’t comply with the city’s coronavirus shutdown measures. These businesses could also face misdemeanor charges for violating the “safer at home” emergency orders. “We’re still getting reports each day of non-essential businesses continuing to operate as normal,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in his daily coronavirus briefing earlier this week. “This behavior is irresponsible and selfish.””You know who you are,” the mayor added. “You need to stop it. This is your chance to step up and shut it down, because if you don’t, we will shut you down.” He also urged citizens to report any non-essential businesses that are still operating as usual during the lockdown using this online form. Garcetti said, though, that no residences would have water or electricity turned off. COVID-19 Response Update from Mayor Garcetti, March 24Join us for an update on the COVID-19 crisis, including our work to expand testing for high-risk Angelenos, ramp up enforcement for businesses under our Safer at Home order, and get more Angelenos involved with stopping the spread of this virus. Closed captioning available

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