Chicago — Like African Americans, the nation’s Latinos are disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Latinos represent more than 27% of COVID-19 deaths in areas considered virus hotspots, although they account for 18% of the population. They’re also more likely than other groups to not be able to work from home, adding to the health risk.Chicago’s Jose Gonzalez is a first-generation Mexican American, one of the nation’s 60 million Latinos.”My family has pushed me so far ahead that I can’t just allow myself to sit there and do nothing,” he told CBS News.He used to work two jobs, but lost one in the COVID-19 shutdown. Now his life-line is cooking at a hotel housing COVID patients.”We don’t have the benefit of ‘I should just stay home’ … and I feel like that’s every Latino at this point right now,” Gonzalez said. Jose Gonzalez speaks with CBS News. Gonzalez is among the 84% of Latinos who can’t work from home — the most of any group.Roughly half of Latino households have experienced job losses or cuts amid the pandemic and have $500 or less in savings.Organizer Leone Jose Bicchieri of Working Family Solidarity, said Latinos are

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