Cars line up for laptop distribution in Silver Spring, Maryland, March 26, 2020. CBS News / Julia Boccagno Silver Spring, Maryland —As the largest county in Maryland, Montgomery County, prepares to take its classes online for students within days, it is ensuring students who need laptops will have them. Public school staff handed out laptops across the county on Thursday. At first glance, the parking lot distribution looked like a fast-food line, with dozens of cars idling in an organized fashion. Drivers patiently waited for a signal prompting them to roll forward. But instead of ordering a burger through an intercom, parents held up a piece of paper displaying a student ID number through their car windows. Donning personal protective equipment, like face masks and disposable gloves, Montgomery County Public Schools staff in Maryland communicates the number to colleagues standing a few feet away.  Montgomery County Public Schools staff process laptop distribution, March 26, 2020. CBS News / Julia Boccagno They scan the barcode and place a laptop on a cart, rolling it over to the driver at the front of the line. Without making any contact, the driver picks up the laptop from the cart and slowly drives out of the

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