Most Americans who watched President Biden’s first State of the Union address approved of what they heard, and many said it made them feel optimistic and proud. After nearly two years of the coronavirus pandemic, more than half who tuned in Tuesday night said the speech made them feel like the coronavirus is mostly behind us. Older Americans who watched the speech were a bit more likely to say the speech made them feel the coronavirus will be with us for a while. CBS News interviewed speech viewers immediately after the president’s speech. Overall, about 8 in 10 of speech watchers approved of Mr. Biden’s address tonight, including majorities of both Democrats and independents. Among members of his own party, his speech received high marks among both liberals and moderates. As we’ve seen with previous presidents’ State of the Union speeches, those who watched tonight are more likely to be from the president’s own political party, boosting approval of the speech.  In the latest CBS national poll released earlier this week, 34% of Americans identified themselves as Democrats.  Among those who watched tonight’s speech, that percentage was 49%.Former President Trump received a high approval rating for his first State of

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