NBA star Donovan Mitchell shared the “scariest part” about being infected with the coronavirus. In an interview with “Good Morning America,” the Utah Jazz guard said on Monday that he’s not displaying any symptoms related to the novel virus.  Mitchell is one of three NBA players who have so far tested positive for COVID-19. The others include Utah Jazz teammate Rudy Gobert and reportedly Detroit Pistons center Christian Wood. The All-Star guard, who is in isolation, talked about living with the virus — and having no fever or other symptoms yet. “I have no symptoms which is a unique situation, ” he told GMA. “I keep making the joke when people ask me, I would say if you were to tell me I could play, I’m playing in a seven-game series tomorrow, I’d be ready to lace up. I’m really blessed that’s the case.”  Mitchell said he took a 15-second swab test and called it “discomforting,” but relieved he was able to take it. He encouraged others to be mindful even if they don’t suspect they have the virus. “I’m asymptomatic. I could walk down the street if it wasn’t public knowledge that I was sick, you wouldn’t know it,” Mitchell said. “I

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