London — Neighborhood groups are forming across the United Kingdom to coordinate and provide grassroots support for those most vulnerable amid a fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak. The government has urged everyone to stay home, and those deemed to be at the highest risk will soon be told to do so for months. The groups of concerned citizens have sprung up in dozens of cities across the country and at least 34 neighborhoods in London. Neighborhood by neighborhood — sometimes even street by street — they are organizing volunteers to slip leaflets under doors that list contact information for local volunteers who can help with picking up groceries, or just having a chat with someone feeling lonely.”It’s really quite reassuring for people to have a piece of paper. Even though they may not need us now, they may need us in the future,” Emma O’Dwyer, a member of one group in South London, told CBS News. Community supportOrganized by a volunteer-run organization called Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK, which says it focuses on “providing resources and connecting people to their nearest local groups, willing volunteers and those in need,” the groups have seen huge interest from people wanting to help. The organization communicates

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