Cuomo: Urgent need for hospital beds, ventilators Health officials in New York are experimenting with the possibility of having two patients share one ventilator as the coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread shortages of the machine, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced in a press briefing Tuesday morning.  Cuomo emphasized the severity of the shortage of hospital equipment, including beds, ventilators and personal protective equipment. He said ventilators are difficult to produce and extremely expensive.”This is a critical and desperate need for ventilators. We are going so far as to try an experimental procedure where we spit the ventilator,” Cuomo said. “We use one ventilator for two patients. It’s difficult to perform, it’s experimental, but at this point, we have no alternatives.”  New York state has obtained about 7,000 ventilators but needs at least 30,000 more, Cuomo said. A lack of ventilators, which are critical for helping COVID-19 patients breathe, could force doctors to make “terrible triage decisions about who lives and who dies,” said CBS News medical contributor Dr. Tara Narula. While FEMA is sending the state 400 ventilators, Cuomo said that the small amount misses the magnitude of the problem. “Four-hundred ventilators? I need 30,000 ventilators,” he said. “You want a pat on the

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