On Monday, a father arrived at University of South Alabama Children’s and Women’s Hospital to visit his newborn baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. But when he arrived, he said, she wasn’t there. Brandon Waltman told AL.com his newborn daughter, Emmarie Grace, was moved into isolation after a nurse at the hospital tested positive for COVID-19. Every baby she cared for would be isolated, he said. Emmarie Grace was born on February 20 and was refusing to eat, Waltman told the outlet. So, after a week at home, her parents took her to a nearby hospital in Mississippi before she was transferred to University of South Alabama Children’s and Women’s.  Now, the Waltmans say they’re worried she could have coronavirus. “We thought it couldn’t get much worse. But now it’s just like everything is piling on,” Waltman told AL.com. So far, Emmarie Grace has not showed symptoms, he said. “I don’t really think she’s been infected, but I do think they should have been a little more proactive,” Waltman said.While a small percentage of hospitalized coronavirus patients are under the age of 20, children are not immune to the disease and can still catch – and spread – coronavirus. The symptoms are similar

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