The United States has the tragic distinction of having the highest daily death toll from COVID-19 anywhere on earth. Last week saw nearly 2,000 Americans die at home or in hospitals each day. Thousands of medical workers are falling ill, pulled from the frontlines just when we need them most. So far, more than 50 have died nationwide. For doctors and nurses, a steady supply of personal protective equipment, PPE, can be a lifesaver. But there are massive shortages in those supplies. How did the wealthiest, most medically-advanced nation on earth wind up so utterly unprepared to confront this pandemic? We spoke with the combative White House official in charge of procuring PPE and doctors and nurses risking their lives without the same protective gear many of their counterparts around the world have.White House advisor to 60 Minutes: Show me your pandemic storyDr. Sheldon Teperman: Every hospital in New York City is teeming with this virus. Right? In my place, there are hundreds and hundreds of patients. Many, many dozens of intubated, sick COVID patients. In the average place in New York City, whether it’s NYU, Cornell, Presbyterian, Northwell, Stony Brook, there are hundreds of intubated COVID patients. And a

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