The birth of a child is a pivotal moment. One that is often shared between spouses, even grandparents and siblings. Now, however, due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus pandemic, women across the United States are finding themselves forced to go through labor and delivery alone – a reality that, for many, would have once been unthinkable. On March 13, Ana Arteaga, a mother-to-be in Watertown, Massachusetts, posted on Facebook: “Just found out that because of new hospital restrictions, I can only have one visitor with me when I give birth … aka my husband. I never thought in a million years that I wouldn’t have my mom with me during one of the most important days/moments of my life. Just devastated.”Now, she fears she won’t be allowed to have her husband with her either. “My clinic called this morning to tell me that Alex can no longer come to my prenatal appointment on Friday and also mentioned my hospital, Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, is considering restricting all visitors to include the one currently allowed for laboring patients,” Arteaga tells CBS News. “And this could happen at any moment. I’m terrified and feel a complete loss of control. Going into

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