President Trump announced from the White House Briefing Room Wednesday that he will invoke the Defense Production Act, which will speed up and expand the supply of resources from the country’s industrial base, particularly to increase the production of medical supplies and equipment. It’s a move that has been under discussion in recent days and weeks, as the country lacks a sufficient number of ventilators, masks, and other critical items needed to meet the coming demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. “We will be invoking the Defense Production Act,” the president announced during Wednesday’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing, adding later that it would be used only if it needed to be.As the president and his team spoke on stage, trading was halted as the S&P dropped 7%, an occurrence that has become too common in the last week. The stock market has been in free fall in recent days, as more businesses and schools shut down across the nation.  Top Democrats are urging the president to invoke and exercise the law immediately, particularly to address the lack of ventilators. Vice President Mike Pence said the U.S. has a stockpile of roughly 10,000 ventilators, and the U.S. military will be adding

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