Although Walt Disney executives have remained mum on when the company’s theme parks will reopen in the U.S., recent steps by the entertainment giant suggest it’s preparing to unlock the doors soon. One sign is that Disney Springs, the restaurant and shopping area inside Walt Disney World Resort outside Orlando, Florida, will reopen May 20. The move hints that Disney believes it can handle thousands of visitors on its property while ensuring no one will catch the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease. It also means that the resort hotel and theme park rides and water attractions could reopen next because those are the only two sections that will still be closed.Another sign: Disney Shanghai Resort welcoming back visitors May 11. Reserve tickets in China have already sold out, with some days’ slots going within minutes. An exact date for U.S. theme parks reopening is unknown, but there’s one thing for certain: Visitors will walk into into a vastly different park experience than what they remember pre-coronavirus. There will be fewer people in the park as a way to ensure social distancing, everyone will be wearing masks — workers and visitors — and families likely won’t be able to take pictures

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