NYC EMS stretched thin battling coronavirus As New York City has become the new epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, the city that never sleeps is adjusting to a strange new normal: a combination of eerie quiet on the streets and frantic emergency activity in the hospitals. The pandemic is overwhelming medical facilities and shuttering businesses like stores and restaurants for the foreseeable future. While health care workers are tirelessly battling coronavirus, many other workers have lost their jobs because of it.  Restaurant owner Luca Di Pietro is one of the city’s small business owners trying to stay afloat. Di Pietro had five restaurants around New York City, but in just one week, he had to downgrade to operating just one of his establishments. Most painfully, he says, he had to lay off about 90 “wonderful employees.”But as he fights to keep his last remaining location open, he’s come up with a plan to help keep some of his employees working — and keep health care professionals fed at the same time. Luca Di Pietro, seen here with his wife Kate and two children, had to close four of his five New York City restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, he’s found a way to

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