The nonprofit founded by actor and activist Sean Penn is helping manage free drive-thru coronavirus testing sites in California. CORE, which Penn created after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, told “CBS This Morning” that it will open new testing sites in New Orleans, Atlanta and Detroit.”This is right now an active shooter scenario, the virus is. And its principal focus is on people of color, the elderly, the indigenous,” Penn told CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas. “But it doesn’t really care who else is in the way.”At 10 sites around California, including Los Angeles, Penn and his CORE team are distributing free test kits to free up the city’s first responders for emergency services.”All of these volunteers are occupying positions that used to be L.A. firefighters on this site,” Pen said. “The L.A. firefighters have skill sets very specific … and we all need them out there on the street. We need the paramedic core. God forbid, there’s a brush fire.”Penn didn’t just mobilize his team, he often works alongside them. And each night, he gets on a Zoom call with site team leaders to ensure their response is efficient and effective.”These are people new in my life, who took an

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