According to Google Flights, it costs under $100 to fly from Chicago to Miami right now, about $228 to fly from Los Angeles to Hawaii and just about $400 to fly from New York to London. It seems like the perfect time to book a trip — except for the coronavirus outbreak that is taking hold across the globe. As the deadly virus continues to spread, some people are being forced to self-quarantine and work from home, others are being ushered to containment areas, and most of the world is being urged not to travel and to avoid large crowds. So, it should be a no brainer to avoid airports, resorts and big cities.A few people, however, are shrugging off these warnings, and instead, they’re capitalizing on cheap flights. “Bought a $53 flight to Miami in May for a bachelor party. The show must go on,” one person told CBS News. “I’m not any more concerned about catching [coronavirus] in Miami than I am in New Jersey.” “I just booked a roundtrip flight for two people to Chicago for $230 on Southwest,” another said, also noting they weren’t really concerned about catching coronavirus on the trip. “[I bought a] round trip

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