The spread of coronavirus is threatening to resurrect environmentally destructive single-use plastic bags, with a raft of states and cities putting previously approved bans on hold and some even reversing course. Massachusetts, where 130 cities and towns had banned single-use plastic bags, last week reversed its position and instead banned reusable tote bags. San Francisco, which was one of the first U.S. cities to ban plastic bags, in 2007, this week banned reusable bags, mugs and other items. Colorado, Illinois, Maryland and New Hampshire have either stopped enforcing their plastic-bag bans or banned reusables outright.In Seattle, food co-ops have been telling their customers not to bring their own bags, said Molly Moon, who owns a local chain of ice cream stores. “I am kind of a hippie and bring my own bags to grocery stores, and now we aren’t allowed to,” Moon said. “When the hippies are telling you not to bring your own bags, you know things are real.”The plastic industry has been eager to capitalize on the public’s newfound focus on cleanliness. In March, the Plastic Industry Association wrote to U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar urging him to “make a public statement on the health and safety benefits

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