Texas AG eyes Supreme Court As coronavirus cases continue to climb in the U.S., another public health crisis is brewing. State officials in the South and Midwest have banned most abortions amid the pandemic, arguing the action is necessary to free up resources to fight the virus. On Tuesday, a federal appeals court allowed Texas to continue its near-total ban on the procedure. In an exclusive interview with CBS News, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said he’s committed to defending the state’s near-total ban on abortion all the way to the Supreme Court. Two weeks ago, Paxton issued guidance that abortion services were included in the Governor’s temporary suspension of “non-essential” procedures in an effort to shore up medical resources needed to fight the coronavirus outbreak.”My guess is it’ll go to the Supreme Court either way,” Paxton told CBS News last week. “We’ll either appeal it or Planned Parenthood will appeal it, so my guess is that’s where it ends up.” Since Paxton’s guidance was issued, nearly all abortions in the state have been halted, except when the life or health of the patient is at risk. The ban was briefly lifted last week when a lower court ruled the

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