For many during the coronavirus outbreak, the new normal will be working remotely from home as workers practice social distancing. But that brings new twists to telecommuting, as examined by CBS News contributor Derek Thompson in his recent article for The Atlantic, “The coronavirus is creating a huge stressful experiment in working from home.”He joined “CBS This Morning” on Monday to discuss some of the lessons to keep in mind when working at home in a time of COVID-19, to make the process less stressful.And while many people swear they are productive while working at home – Thompson has done so off and on for several years – it may not be effective for everyone. “Is that because of the fridge, the couch and the television?” asked co-host Tony Dokoupil.  “I think in general when you think about the benefits of remote work, you want to leave the bad stuff about the office at the office, and take the good parts of the office home,” Thompson replied. He explained key issues to keep in mind for those working remotely: Over-communicate with colleagues “Managers aren’t judging you by the proxy of how often you are sitting in your seats,” he said.

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