In open defiance of state regulations and his own administration’s pandemic health guidelines, President Trump on Sunday hosted his first indoor rally since June, telling a packed, nearly mask-less crowd in Henderson, Nevada that the nation was “making the last turn” in defeating the virus. Eager to project a sense of normalcy in imagery, Mr. Trump soaked up the raucous cheers inside a warehouse. Relatively few in the crowd wore masks, with one clear exception: Those in the stands directly behind the president, whose images would end up on TV, were mandated to wear face coverings.Not since a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was blamed for a surge of coronavirus infections has he gathered supporters indoors. There was no early mention from Mr. Trump that the pandemic had killed nearly 200,000 Americans and was still claiming 1,000 lives a day. “We are not shutting the country again. A shutdown would destroy the lives and dreams of millions Americans,” Mr. Trump said, before using his inflammatory moniker for the coronavirus. “We will very easy defeat the China virus.”The rally in Tulsa, which was his first in three months after the coronavirus reached American shores, was a disaster for the campaign, a debacle that featured a

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