The U.S. Navy on Friday confirmed 31 new cases of the coronavirus onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt docked in Guam, bringing the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier’s positive cases to 447. The ship’s outbreak first gained attention after it was exposed by its captain, who was later fired.  “As of today, 92% of the USS Theodore Roosevelt crewmembers have been tested for COVID-19, with 447 positive and 3,284 negative results,” the Navy said in a statement Friday. On Thursday, the Navy said 93% of the Roosevelt’s crew members had been tested for the virus. The Navy revised that tally to 92% on Friday, saying that their previous tally included both surveillance and diagnostic tests.  “The percentage of crewmembers tested has been updated to accurately reflect the number of individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 with diagnostic testing,” reads the Navy’s statement. “Previous data included surveillance testing results in addition to diagnostic testing results. Additionally, some Sailors were tested more than once during the testing period.”According to the Navy, 3,155 of the ship’s over 4,000 sailors have now been moved ashore in response to the spread.In new COVID-19 guidance issued on Friday, the Navy said “individuals identified as having confirmed or probable COVID-19 will be

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