Speaker Nancy Pelosi said during her weekly press conference Thursday that she believes the bipartisan group of lawmakers engaged in negotiations over a coronavirus relief bill are nearing a deal. Pelosi said that she had “great respect” for the bicameral, bipartisan group of lawmakers engaged in negotiations over a $908 billion relief proposal.”I think they’ve made great progress, and I salute them for that,” Pelosi said about the negotiators. However, the group has not yet published legislative text for their proposal. A six-page summary of the framework obtained by CBS News does not include specifics on liability protections for companies and institutions whose workers get COVID-19 and aid to state and local governments, two of the major sticking points in negotiations. This framework is not a concrete bill, and lawmakers remain divided over the scale and scope of a relief package. Time is running out for Congress to pass any relief proposal, as it also must negotiate and approve an omnibus government funding bill before December 18 to avert a government shutdown.Although Pelosi had previously been unwilling to consider legislation below $2 trillion, she said that there was now a “completely changed dynamic” with the looming inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and the

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