If you have experienced any strange, even nightmarish dreams having to do with the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. Psychologist Dr. Wendy Dickinson said “it’s not a surprise” to hear that many people have been confronted by such dreams lately, especially given the “new stimuli” we have all been surrounded by since the virus upended normal life.  A Harvard study found that common threads some people reported from their pandemic dreams involve catching the virus or dying from it, and metaphoric elements such as bugs, zombies, natural disasters, monsters or mass shooters.”When we dream, our brain is working through all of those memories and that content and information,” Dickinson explained to CBSN anchors Anne-Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers. “So it’s not a surprise that we’re experiencing these dreams that are filled with all kinds of things we wouldn’t normally dream about.” Dickinson compared the brain to a “hall closet,” storing day-to-day experiences that have not yet been processed because it’s either too distressing or there hasn’t been enough time. That closet, she said, is opened up when we dream in order to process those events.”One of the things that we’re seeing right now is that health care workers in

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