The stock market is not the economy. And rarely has that adage been as clear as it is now. An amazing monthslong rally has put the S&P 500 back to where it was before the coronavirus slammed the U.S, even though millions of workers are still getting unemployment benefits and businesses continue to shutter across the country.The S&P 500, which is the benchmark index for stock funds at the heart of many 401(k) accounts, on Tuesday eclipsed the previous high set on February 19, and erased all of the 34% plunge from February into March in less time than it takes a baby to learn how to crawl. The stock market opened slightly lower on Wednesday, with the S&P 500 down to 3392. The U.S. and global economies have shown some improvements since the spring, when business lockdowns were widespread, but they are nowhere close to fully healed. The number of virus cases continues to rise across much of the United States, and federal and local politicians for the most part lack a strategy to contain it. Many industries, such as airlines, hotels and dining, could take years to recover from the damage. How to navigate market turbulence 06:56 The

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