Patients who have been infected with the coronavirus and have recovered could be key to fighting the disease. One potential treatment uses the antibodies built up in the blood of patients who have survived the illness.  This past weekend, Dr. Eric Salazar supervised a treatment at Houston Methodist Hospital he hopes will become the first proven therapy against COVID-19. Here’s how it works: Blood taken from recovered patients contains antibodies that can attack the virus. Dr. Salazar and his team transfused plasma – the part of blood containing those antibodies – into two critically-ill patients. One potential treatment being studied uses blood plasma collected from coronavirus survivors, whom one doctor credits as “incredibly generous people.” CBS News Dr. Salazar told CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook he is monitoring patients very closely to see if the transfusion works. Dr. LaPook asked, “Have you discussed a goal for how many people you’d like to be able to treat a day using this method?””As many as possible,” he replied. Such transfusions may have helped a small number of patients in China, but much more study is needed.Kindergarten teacher Julie Thaler, a COVID-19 survivor, has donated her blood to possibly be

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