The novel coronavirus has brought life to a standstill around the world and left millions of people wondering when things will return to some semblance of normal. One hope is that the virus could perhaps behave somewhat like the seasonal flu — taking a break during the warmer summer months, lessening the threat and giving society time to mount a systemic response. But there are many unanswered questions. To find out more about how the change of seasons might affect the spread of the virus, CBS News spoke with Dr. Jeffrey Shaman, an expert on infectious disease transmission and director of the Climate and Health Program at Columbia University. The following is an abbreviated version of the conversation.CBS News: Is coronavirus less likely to spread at warmer temperatures, and will spring or summer slow the spread of the disease? Dr. Shaman: That is one of the critical questions we would like to answer and I would love to see some virus survival experiments that elucidate and show evidence one way or another.There are four endemic coronaviruses [a family of viruses that cause respiratory illnesses] that circulate within humans. Studies and data I have seen show three or even all four of

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