Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s brand-new nonprofit plans to contribute more than $1 million to working families impacted by the novel coronavirus outbreak in New York City and across the country, the group announced Friday. The Humanity Forward Fund, a nonprofit founded by Yang after he suspended his 2020 presidential campaign, will begin sending $1,000 over the next couple of weeks to 1,000 households in New York City’s Bronx borough.”We figured out very quickly that people are going to need money immediately. And our government should do this,” Andrew Yang told CBS News in a phone interview on Friday. “[This fund] exists to demonstrate the power of these ideas, so we started giving money out immediately.” Yang is no stranger to cash stipends. Before the coronavirus crisis in the U.S., Yang, then a presidential candidate, proposed granting every adult American monthly payments of $1,000, turning the concept of “Universal Basic Income” into a household name, for many.  His presidential campaign launched a “Freedom Dividend Pilot Program” to test and promote his signature policy, in December 2019.Yet distributing cash fast to 1,000 households brought to light larger logistical problems amid CDC-mandated social distancing. “It actually took us a little while to figure out

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