Rosabeth Moss Kanter is the Arbuckle Professor at Harvard Business School and author of Think Outside the Building: How Advanced Leaders Can Change the World One Smart Innovation at a Time (PublicAffairs). Follow her on Twitter @RosabethKanter. The opinions expressed in this commentary are her own.Faced with long hours and health concerns, workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic are starting to reach a breaking point. Whole Foods had a sick-out, Instacart faced a work stoppage and a large carpenters’ union has called for a walkout. With social media ready to spread discontent, there’s undoubtedly more to come if leaders don’t address their concerns quickly.Millions of American workers are already in the unemployment abyss, but for those still working, or who might return to work, business leaders should take note: How a company handles the people it lets go is noticed by employees, as well as by customers and partners. And a failure to prioritize worker concerns could cause a further deterioration in trust in the business while also prolonging the crisis by neglecting the health of families and the economy.To care for the workforce and avoid further disruption, business leaders should address four priorities.Physical healthSafety and cleanliness have

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