(CNN)Carlos Rolon had been on the transplant list for four years, and now the 6-year-old has got a new heart.”He’s doing great. They said he’s doing amazing,” his mom, Sheena Cossette, told CNN.Carlos is still in intensive care at Boston Children’s Hospital after Friday’s surgery, but Cossette said they hope to be able to remove his breathing tube in the next day or so.The boy came out of surgery before midnight, and his mom said she could see a difference right away.”My first reaction was his color,” because his skin had a bluish-gray tone before the surgery. “When I looked at him, his color was amazing,” she said.Cossette said his breathing seemed much smoother and his oxygen levels were at 100%.”That’s when I knew it was real,” she said.Carlos was born with an abnormality in his heart chambers called unbalanced atrioventricular canal defect, and had four open heart surgeries before he was 2 years old, his mom said.He went on the transplant list in 2016, but he was still able to have a pretty normal life in Worcester, Massachusetts, and was even able to go to school.Carlos got sicker last year and has been at Boston’s Children’s since August 31.Cossette

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