(CNN)A North Carolina family’s pug may be the first dog in the United States to test positive for coronavirus, according to researchers.Three members of the McLean family — Sam McLean, wife Heather and their son, Ben — contracted Covid-19 last month. Sydney McLean, the couple’s daughter, was the only family member to never show any symptoms.The family found out their dog, Winston, tested positive for the virus too after they participated in a Duke University study about Covid-19 aimed at trying to find potential treatments and vaccines. As part of the study, members of the family under go weekly nasal swabs and give blood samples.Chris Woods, the principal investigator of the study, said researchers have also been collecting samples from family pets to see how coronavirus spreads in households. Researchers did not use the commercial tests that are in high demand around the world to test the animals.Although they haven’t tested many pets, Winston’s sample is the only one that’s come back positive. He is believed to be the first dog in the country to test positive for the virus, according to the university.”His (Winston’s) amount of virus that we detected was very low, suggesting that he would not be

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