(CNN)For the second time in recent days, the Supreme Court has been asked to referee a dispute stemming from the coronavirus pandemic on a hot-button topic that normally divides them along familiar ideological lines. The justices are currently considering a petition concerning abortion access in Texas, and last week they split bitterly, 5-4, on a Covid-19 related voting rights challenge out of Wisconsin.If the Wisconsin case highlighted the deep divisions on the Supreme Court, the abortion case could ratchet up the tension — especially because President Donald Trump’s two nominees are expected to move the court to the right on the issue.But while the high-stakes legal challenge plays out in federal courts, it is women in the state seeking access to clinics that have been caught in the cross hairs. They have felt whiplash as the Texas lawsuit has been bouncing between a district court judge and a federal appeals court and is now before the Supreme Court on an emergency basis. And the extraordinary legal drama has played out with a nationwide pandemic serving as a backdrop.Abortion providers say women have been camping out in clinic parking lots observing new social distancing guidelines while lawyers have been fighting the

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