Serra Sippel is president of the Center for Health and Gender Equity, which works to advance sexual and reproductive health rights for women and girls worldwide. Akila Radhakrishnan is president of the Global Justice Center, a nonprofit that promotes gender equality with a focus on sexual and reproductive rights and justice for sexual and gender-based violence. The views expressed here belong to the authors. Read more opinions on CNN. (CNN)Access to abortion is an essential service and a fundamental human right. Period. The denial of it, including in times of global crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic, constitutes cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. In the United States, the Trump administration’s colossal failure to help keep people healthy and to slow the pandemic-driven implosion of the economy shouldn’t come as a surprise to much of the public. He has delayed acknowledging the severity of Covid-19, prematurely hinted at an end to social distancing and over the course of his term in office, attempted to slash funding for the WHO, the CDC, and other preparedness agencies that are tasked with the monitoring of such epidemics. The list goes on and on.But even as some states are stepping up in heroic ways where the

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