(CNN)After shocking the nation last week with his toxic suggestion that the coronavirus might be treated with an injection of disinfectant, President Donald Trump avoided the briefing room Saturday and retreated into the recesses of the White House, emerging on Twitter only to air his grievances about his press coverage.For Americans, the President’s absence from the podium might have been the best medicine at a time when states are beginning to reopen and they are seeking guidance from scientists and medical experts about whether it is safe to venture from their homes.For weeks now as aides and allies have urged Trump to stop doing daily briefings, the President has commandeered the microphone, dispensing self-congratulatory assessments of his administration’s handling of the pandemic. He’s questioned some governors’ desperate pleas for personal protective equipment, ventilators and Covid-19 testing equipment. He has railed at state officials who don’t seem sufficiently grateful to him and snapped at reporters for “nasty questions” and unflattering news coverage.Instead of focusing on scientific guidance from doctors and experts, the briefings under Trump’s control have often taken on the braggadocios tone of the President’s political rallies, leading to worries among Democrats about the fact that former Vice President Joe

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