London (CNN)The outbreak of the novel coronavirus is causing political misery for some of the most powerful people on earth. It has, however, left one world leader in a uniquely difficult position. Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, is having to deal with this public health emergency at the same time a clock is ticking on the United Kingdom’s next Brexit deadline: July 1. This pending deadline is far more significant than anything that has happened in the Brexit process to date. The UK is currently in a transition period with the European Union, set to expire on December 31. The point of this transition was to maintain a standstill in relations between the EU and the UK after Brexit happened on January 31, so to avoid an economic cliff edge.The two sides are currently negotiating their future relationship and hope to reach a mutually beneficial agreement before the end of the year. If they can’t, then the UK leaves the transition period with no formal agreement on trade or any other strategic areas. The joint decision to scrap next week’s round of talks will lead to fears that such an agreement cannot be done in time. Legally, the transition

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