Kirkland, Washington (CNN)Geneva Wood knew her life was about to end. She could feel it with every strained breath.She was well aware her 90-year-old lungs were filling with fluid. She was drowning from the inside out. The coronavirus had taken hold and she had one last request. “I said to the doctor, this is the end. I’m not gonna make it and I want to see my family,” Wood told CNN. “And that was my only wish and desire was to be able to talk to my children again.”Her doctor agreed. She was dying. Her children were called to see their mom alive one last time. With so little oxygen in her lungs Wood was losing the ability to talk.Her daughter, Cami Neidigh, drove from home to the hospital.”They didn’t think that she was going to make it, and that we should go ahead and come on down while she can still talk to us,” her daughter said.The news was doubly devastating for the family. Wood had been recovering from a stroke.”It was kind of cruel, you know,” Neidigh said. “She had just learned to live again.”Wood’s family had chosen to send her for rehab to the nearby Life Care

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