(CNN)As the number of coronavirus cases in the United States continues to rise and the markets continue to drop, President Donald Trump has increasingly sought to blame China for the spread of the virus, and his re-election campaign is following his lead. “America is under attack — not just by an invisible virus, but by the Chinese,” an email sent by the Trump War Room operation to surrogates, strategists, outside advisers, and press, said. The email, which comes as Trump has stepped up his efforts to scapegoat China for coronavirus, sought to attack Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for “siding with the Chinese” amid disinformation about the virus. But it also neglected to account for Trump’s new tone toward China after initially praising President Xi Jinping as the virus spread. The Trump campaign cited Biden’s criticism of Trump calling the pandemic a “foreign virus” as “(falling) back on xenophobia” and Biden adviser Ron Klain’s praise for China’s government for quickly building hospitals as evidence of Biden siding with China. Many public health experts have criticized Trump’s labeling of the virus as “Chinese.”The Biden campaign responded saying the Trump campaign was projecting.”This is projection, pure and simple — a classic Trump

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